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Kauai Yoga Meditation and Raw Food privet Retreats
Guests Comments

"What an amazing experience! I got exactly what I was looking for. I was so tired of everything when i arrived. Everything iritated me, my health start deteriorating and i really needed it. Thank you so much OM and Ananda for everything...The yoga classes were great! and the food was WOW that's all i can say. I never thought raw food can be that tasty and satisfying as a matter of fact i was worried about it. Anyway, I feel like i just got a new lease on life everything seams possible. I am happy to go back home with soooo much energy and be high on life again. Thanks again." 
Liza, Israel

  • Strength 
  • Flexibility
  • Increased Circulation
  • Longevity
  • Balance
  • Concentration
  • Peace of Mind
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Living with Purpose
  • Spiritual connection
  • Healing
  • Cleansing
  • Nourishing
  • Restoring Youthfulness
  • Balancing Weight
Health Is Real Wealth and You can Have it All!
Sample Retreat 
  • Day 1- Arrival, Yoga class, Meditation
  • Day 2- Yoga class, Concentration & Meditation Workshop (or any workshop of your choice) meditation
  • Day 3- Yoga class, Positive Thinking Workshop (or any other workshop of your choice), massage, Meditation
  • Day 4- Meditation, Yoga class, Vegan Raw Cooking Workshop, 
  • Day 5- Meditation, optional Mantra Initiation, Yoga class, Reiki treatment or another.
  • Day 6- Meditation, excursion to the beautiful North part of the Island.(Available only during weekends)
  • Day 7- Meditation, excursion to the west and south parts of the island.(Available only during weekend)
  • You are welcome to stay as many extra days as you like.
What people are saying...

“When people around me asking me how I succeeded to do it, I always tell them about you-It has been the great fortune in my life to know you and receive guidance from you. True, in the beginning it was not so easy, but you were there all along supporting me anytime I needed you and I have been telling everyone proudly about my current state of health and well being. Thank you my dear, I warmly recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthy life  to enjoy the wonderful opportunity to be guided by you. Thank you-with all my heart, love,” Lena !!!

“As we arrived the first thing that captured my heart was the aloha spirit. I wasn't sure what people meant when they talked about it but upon arrival at the retreat I just felt it. Such a deep sense of love and open heart. we were welcomed so beautifully that i right away felt at home. My sister and I enjoyed every moment. Cleansing and learning so many new things...Especially we enjoyed the fantastic raw food. Wow that was such a treat. We did not know what to expect since we are not even vegetarian but the food was so delicious and we felt better and better as the days went by. Thank you OM and Alex for your attention and teachings,” Ester.

“Thank you so much...For a transformational time. I really needed it...I came for a week and ended up staying for two weeks. I came exhosted and went back home rejuvenated. I even manage to loose weight.  The teachings , especially for me, the positive thinking workshop was a key to my transformation. Finally i feel like i am incharge on my life. It gave me a sense of freedom. I can go on...But again i just wanted to say thank you to you and Alex for everything you are...I will be back” Malca

Book your privet transformation retreat now!
Create your own retreat. 
All retreats are privet, for you and whomever you chose to bring with you. up to 6 people. 
Only you know what you need right now in your life. Design a retreat that fits your needs now.
Self Directed Retreat
Enjoy your own health and spiritual retreat on Kauai. You may incorporate anyone of our classes and activities into your self directed retreat. Or...You may be in complete seclusion and observe silence. Whatever is right for you at this time in your life.
customize any of the All inclusive Retreat Packages
Chose anyone of our all inclusive retreat packages and customize it to fit your needs. You may mix and match activities, workshops, classes and create your own unique all inclusive retreat.
Host your own group retreat
Yoga teachers and health and spiritual educators, You are now welcome to bring your own small group of students and host your own retreats with us.
All retreats include: 

  •  One week (7 days) accommodation in a privet retreat house if you are alone. Or A privet room if you bring upto 3 people with you. (You are welcome to stay as long as you like after the 7 days on a per night  basis. Keep up your practice and enjoy the island.
  •  Yoga, Meditation and Raw food Diet (Unless agreed otherwise)
  •  Two workshops: Your choice. Concentration and meditation, raw cooking, positive thinking, Relaxation and more...
  •  Two separate days of excursion. One to the north shore and another to the west and south shores of Kauai. (Excursions are only available on the weekend) 
  •   One Massage
  •  Luau. An unforgetable  Hawaiian experience. An evening of culture, food and much Aloha
  •  Airport pickup and drop off
  •  Daily rides to and from the beach or the town of Kapaa
All inclusive, subject focused retreat packages
For you to customize as you like.
Meditation retreat
Meditation retreat focuses on the practice and study of concentration and meditation. It includes:
  •  Meditative yoga asanas and pranayama
  •  Study of the Raja Yoga sutras  
  •  Concentration and meditation workshop
  •  Mantra initiation (Optional)
Integral Yoga retreat
Integral Yoga retreat combines the elements of all 4 major paths of yoga and is a great practice for a complete rejuvination of body mind and spirit. It includes:
  •  Yoga asanas and pranayama
  •  Study of the 4 paths of yoga
  •   practical application of yoga in daily life. using methods from all 4 paths.
  • Positive thinking workshop or any other subject
  •  Mantra initiation (Optional)
Weight lose retreat
Weight loss retreat focuses on your health and well being Losing weight is only one part of being healthy. It includes:

  •  Yoga asanas and pranayama
  •  Learn how to balance your body so it returns to optimum weight and maintains it.
  •  Relaxation workshop or your choice...
  •  Raw cooking workshop
  •  Meditation
  •  Mantra initiation (Optional)
Juice fasting retreat
Juice fasting retreat is for you if you wish to cleanse your body and clear your mind while still nourishing yourself. This retreat is about  renewal. and a renewed commitment to your health and well being. It includes: 

  •  1-3 days of cleansing diet in preparation.
  •   3-5 juices per day for as long as you like 
  •  Self-Administered Colonic. (Optional)
  •  Health and diet education
  • Any workshop you want
  •  yoga classes and Meditation
  •  Mantra initiation (Optional)
Healing and Raw food retreat
The Healing and Raw food retreat is designed to give you the tools for healthy living and train you in the art of Raw food preparation.  It includes:
  • Yoga and Meditation
  •  Any workshop you chose
  •  Time in the kitchen with Raw chef OM. 
  •  Health education
  •  Mantra initiation (Optional)
Silent retreat
Silent rettreat could be any of the retreats, only you will be preserving your energy for healing and rejuvinating by observing silence. This retreat is more suitable for the meditation retreat or self directed retreat but may also be incorporated in any of the retreats for one or more days. :
  •  Simply chose a retreat and mark silent next to each day you want to observe silence
Space is limited. plan ahead. secure your place

    What is included in the retreat packages?

    The Retreat includes: Yoga, Pranayama, Relaxation, Delicious Raw Alkaline Foods, Meditation, Chanting, Workshops and excursions

    What workshops and classes do you offer?

    Currently we offer 3 most important and life transforming workshops. Concentration and Meditation, Positive Thinking the art of using your mind to bring you everything you wish for. And a practical Raw food cooking workshop, learning to translate your favorite foods to their Raw living food version. Food that cleanse and nourish at the same time.

    I haven’t tried Yoga before, is this okay?

    Sure! The only thing that is required is your desire to learn.
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