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Your Health and Spiritual Transformation Vacation in Kauai
All inclusive 7 Day Yoga Meditation and Raw food Retreat  in the Magical Island of Kauai, Hawaii. 
Tuition for a 7 days All inclusive program:
Your tuition includes GET tax and other fees normally added on to any charge in Hawaii. 
Full price - $5000 includes everything listed bellow as well as Airport pickup and dropoff and daily rides to the beach or town and back. So there is no need for you to rent a car.
Bring 1-2 friends and each one of you will get a $1000 discount.
You each pay only $4000 and  in a privet room. 

Bring a group of  4-6 people and each of you will pay $3100. (Some of you or all of you will be sharing a 2 people room.

Stay for a few extra days for a discounted price of $100 a night. (must be booked in advance with your retreat reservation. (Food is not included in the extra days but can be provided.
A $500 non refundable deposit will secure your spot at the time you desire. A full payment is due 30 days before your reservation day. If a full payment was not received at that time, you may loose your deposit and place at the retreat. If you are unable to arrive at your scheduled retreat you may reschedule for another available spot at another time as long as you notify us within 30 days from the retreat stating day. Once your deposit was accepted you will be redirected to a "Thank you" page confirming your reservation. You will also receive an email confirmation and a phone call within 24 hours.  
You can now use paypal credit for a 6 months no payment and no interest.
Need help with registration? Just call us 808-855-5038 and we will walk you through or take your payment over the phone. If you like to call us together with the friends you are bringing, we will be able to discount your amount right then and there.
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Your 7 days Tuition includes:
Airport pickup and Drop off. Daily rides to the beach and town and back. And...
yoga classes    
Food, Juices  
We look forward to faciliate your retreat

Acharya OM (Swami OMkarananda)

Internationally known Yoga and Vedanta teacher. Direct deciple of Swami VishnuDevananda and founder of OMline Ashram
OM Served for 18 years as a Swami within the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organization and has been teaching for the past 31 years

Ananda (Alex) Berov

A born Yogi, a devoted surfer and fitness enthusiast. Searved as a staff member at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta center in Los Angeles. Ananda is a the Co founder of OMline Ashram and Kauai Retreats
Kauai Yoga retreats

Taking the time to rest, relax, rejuvenate and equip yourself with the tools for a healthier lifestyle and a more meaningful experience of life is commendable. It shows yourself, us and the whole universe, that you are committed, sincere and ready to take a proactive step in the right direction. Congratulations

At the retreat...As it was for thousands of years...We follow the old fashion tradition...

While here, you are our special guest. You will be well taken care off... You will be nourished with the best organic living foods available to us.You will get a comfortable bed in a very clean, well ventilated and beautifully decorated shared room. 

Small Groups. You will be one of only six to eight participants in the retreat. Small group = individual attention. Which means you get to ask questions and get really clear on everything that matters to you. The more clarity you gain, the easier it will be for you to carry on upon your return home.

Tuition. You only pay a tuition for the training retreat! No accommodation fees, No food fees,No Island sight seeing fees or any other fees. (Except unrelated charges for flights, car rental, adventures and everything else you want to have and do while on Kauai and pickup and drop off from the airport in case you do not want to rent a car)

Commitment to health 

Unless you are taken prescription drugs to control an illness...No other drug is excepted on the premise and that includes prescription marijuana, alcohol etc... This Is your time to turn things around, health wise, make the most of it.

 Will you need a car? One the most popular questions we are asked is if it is necessary to rent a car. the answer is No. You will be busy with activities and you will spend 2 days touring the Island with us. We also provide a daily ride to and from the beach and town, as well as we will pick you up and drop you off at the Airport.
We think that while you are at the retreat especially for the first 7 days you may not need a car. You may rent one for the rest of your stay with us so you can enjoy more of our beautiful island and its wonders. Save by putting your weekly car rental money into more days in Kauai. Just let us know when you register if you require an Airport pickup.
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